Ziua Indragostitilor papetarie: carti de memorie si jurnale „apasatoare

Cea de-a doua parte din seria de papetarie de Ziua Indragostitilor consuma ceva mai mult timp sau creativa decat prima, dar rezultatele  merita.  Nu trebuie sa creezi un album frumos, cum ar fi fotografia de mai jos. Sincer, nu trebuie sa fie o opera de arta si voi enumera cateva moduri mai usoare de a obtine acelasi efect, dar va ofera optiunea de a fi la fel de creativ pe cat doriti cu asta!

In loc sa scrapbooking, sa ne concentram pe carti de memorie sau journalling. Imi place foarte mult acest fel de carti. Unul dintre cele mai bune cadouri pe care le-am primit de la prietenii mei a fost din nou la scoala. Toti s-au reunit pentru a crea o carte pentru mine, scriind mesaje si adaugand fotografii in ea. De fiecare data cand ma uit prin ea, imi amintesc toate momentele si amintirile uimitoare cu ele de la scoala – unele dintre ele sunt lucruri care s-au intamplat cand ne-am intalnit prima data si le-am uitat pe toate pana in acest moment!

De exemplu, un prieten a scris despre o perioada in care ne incurcam si ea incerca sa ma impinga intr-o panza de paianjen, asa ca am rezistat (intrucat am urat paianjenii si a fost, de asemenea, doar brut!). Cu toate acestea, poseta ei a cazut pe pamant, in timp ce noi luptam si un baiat a incercat sa fuga cu ea. Am incetat imediat sa o lupt si am oprit copilul. A fost o reactie naturala – una la care nu am crezut nimic. Dar ea a scris ca in acel moment a stiut ca sunt o buna prietena – una care sa-si apere prietenii si sa lupte pentru ei, chiar daca incercau sa faca ceva, prin propria sa admitere, un fel de mijloace (cum ar fi sa ma impinga in un web). Momentul acela a impactat-o ​​intr-un mod despre care nu am stiut niciodata pana nu am citit ce a scris pe aceasta carte, la ani dupa eveniment. Uneori, decat daca  le spui.

Faceti un jurnal sau o carte de memorie pentru ei

Sa ai un jurnal al relatiei tale este o modalitate excelenta de a-ti aminti toate lucrurile mici pe care le iubesti unul despre celalalt sau amintirile de zi cu zi care te fac sa zambesti, lucruri pe care le-ai putea uita cativa ani. Este o modalitate minunata de a va ajuta sa va amintiti reperele si sentimentele pe care le simtiti in momentul in care il priviti inapoi. Ati putea crea una pentru ele, care surprinde momente care sunt importante pentru relatia dvs. – asigurati-va ca includeti fotografii si notati ceea ce ati facut impreuna, care v-a placut! Cred ca este, de asemenea, foarte important sa va amintiti micile amintiri ale unor lucruri care v-au facut fericit – pentru ca ani la rand, aceste lucruri mici pot fi lucruri pe care le luati de la bun inceput sau pe care le uitati atunci cand va ganditi la imaginea de ansamblu. Si uneori, acele mici momente pot insemna mult mai mult decat cele mai mari.

De ce ai nevoie?

Prinde un caiet de rezerva pe care l-ai intins in casa si esti bine sa mergi! De asemenea, veti avea nevoie de cateva fotografii (daca aveti o imprimanta, puteti sa imprimati doar cateva), un stilou, niste benzi si orice alte amintiri pe care le aveti. Stick stick stick, scrie write scrieti si ati terminat! Bine, probabil ca  nu este  atat de simplu, asa ca iata cateva indicatii pentru a va incepe …

De ce nu va amintiti si scrieti:
  • Prima data cand te-ai intalnit
  • In momentul in care ai stiut prima data ca esti indragostit
  • In momentul in care ai inceput sa te intalnesti
  • O amintire a ta doi impreuna care te face fericit
  • Data ta preferata
  • Un moment amuzant care inca te face sa razi
  • O poveste jenanta
  • O perioada in care erai trist sau furios si te-au facut sa te simti mai bine
  • Prima data cand ati facut ceva impreuna – cum ar fi gatit impreuna sau ati pus un dulap ikea
  • The first house you moved in to together, if you’re living together
  • Something you now love because of them – like a new hobby they introduced you to or something they encouraged you to do
You could list:
  • The qualities you love about them
  • What you most admire about them
  • Any nicknames you have for each other and how they came about
  • Your top few favourite dates
  • Food they introduced you to that you now love
  • Things they do on a daily/weekly/regular basis that make you happy
  • The reasons you love them
  • The movies you’ve enjoyed watching with them
  • Games you like to play with them
  • Things you’d love to do with them in the future
If you have children, get them involved too!  You could:
  • Ask them to write a message too
  • Recall the moment you both found out that you’re going to be parents
  • Recall your favourite memories of all of you together – this would be a great one for the children to also do
  • Get them to draw a picture of your partner or all of you together

You could probably think of things that I haven’t added to the list too!  Use this list as a starting point if you need some inspiration about what to include.

If you need a notebook, pop over to your local stationery shop and you’ll find tons of them.  I’d recommend something A5 size or bigger, giving you plenty of space to add photos and caption them if you wanted to.  If you’re planning to just write things then a smaller size would probably be fine!  You could also give them a scrapbook style book, which gives you more space to stick down large photos and add some words next to it.  Honestly, you don’t have to make it insanely beautiful but rather, capture how you feel.

Photo credit: Paperchase

Photo credit: Paperchase

If you’re looking for something special, the Valentine’s range at Paperchase has some very cute products – that just so happen to be on sale, right now too!  I love the tree design with the little birds, which features as a hand stitched notebook and as a scrapbook – giving you the choice of style you choose for this project – and also the A5 notebook with gorgeous heart balloons print, which is a classic look that I’m always a fan of.  If you have a plain covered notebook, you could probably also draw a simple design with a few hearts, maybe add your names or initials or a date to it?

Rather not do it yourself?  Pick up a memory book or journal to help you out!

If you’re still a bit stuck and don’t want to start from scratch then why not pick up a book that does the hardwork for you?  There’s tons of memory books for couples, full of guides and space to write.  The “Met You” memory book from Kikki.K, for example, encourages you to fill out the book using their prompts and by adding your own photos to gift it to your loved one.  It’s currently out of stock online but call up your local store and see if they can reserve one for you if that’s what you want.  There are also other options, for example the “Why I Love You: A Journal of Us” from Amazon or the huge number of novelty books from Paperchase.  Have a look inside a few to see what would best suit you.  The novelty books are more like 1 or 2 liners that are easy to fill and not too time consuming whilst the others give you more space to go into depth with things, so it’s all about what your preference.

Photo Credit: Amazon

Photo Credit: Paperchase

Photo Credit: Paperchase

Photo Credit: Kikki K

Alternatively, why not do it with your partner?

It could also be a great activity to do together.  A few companies sell ones that you could fill out and gift to your partner, like the one from Kikki K.  You could both get one, do it and then swap?  Or sit down together and go through one with prompts.  You could use different colour pens, write your own responses in your own handwriting or initial it so you can remember who said it when you’re looking back at it years down the line.

The “Someone Special” journal from Paperchase encourages you to fill it out together, which could be a great activity if you’re planning a night in this Valentine’s Day – or something you can do together on another night in, really.  You could go through old photos whilst filling out these prompts, letting you recall all of your memories together all night long!  Just imagine it…  You could cook dinner together, open up a bottle of wine, find embarrassing photos of each other or talk about memories that make you happy…  This could turn out to be quite a nice night in – or at least, it sounds pretty lovely to me because I really like nights in!  It might give you something a bit different to do, making it slightly unique compared to previous nights in that you have shared together.

But what if it’s not for a partner?

Don’t worry, the publishing industry has got you covered on that front too.  There are a few alternative gifts that you might like.  The From You to Me range that’s available at the Book People has several options that might be more suited to you.  There’s books for grandparents, parents, children and even more.

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 The full range also has other options, such as siblings or friends, so it’s worth having a little look around if you’re looking for one of those options instead.  Some of these books would be great to do together, others might be worth filling in yourself for your grandchild or children whilst others could be gifted to your parents to get them to fill it in for you.  That might be a fun activity for them to do!  If you have children, why don’t you and your partner get together to fill out the “Our Story, for my Daughter/Son” journal?  That could be something you both do together, which will help you to relive some memories of your story with each other and produce an amazing keepsake for your children to read when they are old enough to.

Photo Credit: The Book People

Photo Credit: The Book People

Photo Credit: The Book People

Create a beautiful keepsake today

And you’ll be able to look back on it in the future and recall all of the lovely memories you’ve shared together or how much fun you had creating the book together.  If you’re artsy, you could totally do a full on scrapbook version instead.  I love the memory books and journals as they make it a lot easier to do – and it’s something everyone can do!  They don’t take too long to fill out yet you can treasure it for ages.

What else can you do?

If this isn’t right for you then be sure to check out the rest of the series.  You can head back to the main page here, which contains a list of the other pages in the series.  If you have any other ideas or stationery that you love, be sure to comment and let me know!  I’d love to find some more goodies to get my hands on.

Note: All of the photos and images featured in this post belong to the respective stores (Paperchase, Kikki K, Amazon & The Book People).  The cover photo is from Paperchase. I’m not sponsored by any of these to share these products.  I’m sure there are other companies who’ve also got some great memory books or journals out there but these are the ones I’ve come across recently.

You can read the rest of the series here.