zeitgeist: Aproape, dar nu destul

I just got this spam from one of my classmates way back in high school. This is exactly why I want to be crystal clear about the status of my relationships whether it be just dating or going steady.

This Side Up : *Parang kayo, pero hindi*

She is a 24-year old copywriter. He is an architect. They met and became lovers in college. They broke up last year but remained to be „friends. reddit too cute for porn ” They send sweet text messages and he calls her often to make sure she’s okay. They still date. They still have candy. They don’t see anyone else. It is obvious that they still love each other but when asked about their situation, she doesn’t know the real score. Even her friends are in the dark. dirty director porn „Parang sila, pero hindi.”

She works in telecom. He is reviewing for the board. They are in the same barkada. They talk on the phone till 4 am. He gives her chocolates, flowers and CDs even when there is no occasion. drunk sister porn Their friends are suspecting something. Bakit sila nagsosolo kapag may overnight inuman (Why do they always go on their own during overnight drinking sessions)? Why does he hold her close on the dance floor? Bakit sila magkaholding hands lagi (Why do they always hold hands)? Sila kaya (Are they together)? „He hasn’t admitted anything,” she rants. „But I let him hug and kiss me. „Parang kami, pero hindi.”

They work together in an ad agency. After office, they would watch movie, have dinner and stroll at Glorietta. film porn irani She gave him Harry Potter books for his birthday in exchange for posing as her boyfriend to make an ex jealous. They made out during the company outing in Subic and never talked about it. He said „I love you” once but she wasn’t sure if she heard him correctly because they were both drunk then. But one thing she is sure of is her feelings for him. She likes him. And she’s assuming that with what he’s doing to her and with her, he likes her, too. stacey poole porn There’s just one hitch: he has a girlfriend!

She is a 28-year-old virgin. He’s a 35-year-old bachelor. Both mountaineers, they became close during their climbs. After a few dates in posh restaurants, he brings her to his condo where they would make out. They have been doing this for months. She wants to believe that „sila na (they’re a couple)” but then she’s not really sure about it. real impregnation porn „We don’t talk about it but it doesn’t really matter,” she’d tell her friends. „What’s important is I am enjoying this — whatever it is.”

The „parang kayo, pero hindi” stage. Others call it MU or mutual understanding. Pseudo-relationships. Pseudo-boyfriends. lily love porn gif Flings. Almost like a relationship, but not quite. It is a phase where the persons involved are more than friends, but not quite lovers. Puwedeng may verbal agreement, puwedeng wala (They may have agreed upon it verbally or they may have not). One or both of you may have admitted your feelings, possible ding hindi (it’s also possible that one or both of you didn’t). You just let your gestures do the talking for you. ddlc sayori porn Walang pormal na ligawan na nangyari (No formal courtship happened). Hindi kayo mag-dyowa (You’re not a couple). Pero sa kilos niyo, sa mga sinasabi niyo, parang kayo, pero hindi (But with your actions, with what both of you are saying, you seem to be together but you’re not).

This kind of „relationship” can happen at different stages for different reasons. It can happen after a break-up. You still love each other, and you want to be with each other but you broke up for a reason. foreign porn And for reasons that you alone know, ayaw niyo na muna magkabalikan (you just don’t want to get back together).

It can also happen before a relationship, iyong pareho kayong nakikiramdam (you and the guy/girl are trying to figure out if the both of you feel the same way) . Possible din na ayaw niyo munang mag-seryoso kaya kunwa-kunwarian lang muna (It’s also possible that you just don’t want to take things seriously so you opt to go for the pseudo-relationship). Testing lang (You’re just testing the waters).

Puwede ring hindi puwedeng maging kayo kasi isa sa inyo –usually the guy –may ka-relasyon na (It is also possible that you can’t be a couple because one of you — usually they guy — has a significant other already). Kaya habang hindi pa siya nakikipag-break doon sa girl (sabi niya makikipag-break siya soon pero di naman niya ginagawa), wala muna kayong relasyon para nga naman hindi siya nangagaliwa kasi „hindi naman kayo” (Until such time as he breaks up with the girl (he tells you he’s going to break up with her soon but he still hasn’t done it yet), you don’t have any relationship to speak of so it wouldn’t technically be considered as cheating because „you’re not together”). bad uncle porn

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This pseudo-relationship stage, for a time, can be fun. Lalo na kung naghahanap ka lang naman ng „kalaro” (Especially if you’re only looking for someone to „have fun” with).

Pero huwag ka lang mag-e-expect na may patutunguhan kayo kasi wala talagang kasiguraduhan (Just don’t expect that it’ll lead to something because there’s no assurance).

So bakit ang daming nagse-settle sa ganitong set up ganoong hindi naman sigurado kung may patutunguhan (So why are there a lot of people that choose to settle with this kind of set up when there is no assurance that it’ll lead to something)?

Iba’t ibang dahilan (Exista multe motive). Puwedeng for fun lang (Ar putea fi doar pentru distractie). Puwedeng „buti na iyan kesa wala” sau puwede na iyang „pantawid-gutom” (ar putea fi „mai bine sa ai ceva decat nimic” sau ar putea fi si biletul pentru urmatoarea masa). scene girl porn Inteles, habang wala pa iyong the real thing, doon muna sa kunwa-kunwarian (Inteles, pana cand ajunge realul, ramai pus cu pseudo-relatia).

Pentru cei care nu se afla intr-o relatie serioasa, ar crede ca pseudo-relatia este mai buna decat nicio relatie deloc. Ar fi amuzant, daca tot ce ai de facut este ca „kilig (nu exista nicio traducere directa pentru acest cuvant tagalog, dar este oarecum asemanator cu a avea fluturi in stomac)”.

Aminado naman ako na odata, poate sa creeze pseudo-relatii din ako (recunosc ca, odata, am avut pseudo-relatii). Nu sunt implicate angajamente. Din cel mai simplu motiv pentru care nu s-au putut comite, pentru ca fie erau angajati cu altcineva, fie ca nu erau pregatiti sa le comita. consensual non consent porn

Rationalizarea mea, „bine na iyun, kesa wala (mai bine sa ai ceva decat nimic)”.

Ang habol ko lang naman, iyong kilig feeling (Tot ceea ce imi ramane este sentimentul ca ai fluturi in stomac). Iyong merong nagtatanong kung kumusta araw ko (Unde exista cineva care te intreaba cum a fost ziua ta). Iyong merong ka-cuddle o iesire pe plaja (In cazul in care ai pe cineva cu care sa te duci la iesirile pe plaja). Poti sa scrii telefonul mobil, sa dai un mesaj in care sa-ti dai mesajul (de unde zambesti cand auzi ca suna telefonul tau, deoarece stii ca mesajul a venit de la el). Iyong Merong Laging Kasama (Unde ai intotdeauna pe cineva cu tine). dog girl porn Habang wala pa ang the real thing, puwede na itong pagtiyagaan (Pana cand va ajunge lucrul real, te vei descurca cu ceea ce ai).

Dar apoi am aflat ca, desi era doar o pseudo-relatie, emotiile erau reale. Si, de obicei, in acest tip de infiintare, ang babae lagi ang lugi (femeia primeste intotdeauna scurtarea).

Una (In primul rand), nu ii poti cere sa se angajeze. Deoarece nu este o relatie cu adevarat, nu puteti cere angajament partenerului. Ano ba kayo (Care este locul tau in viata celuilalt)? May K ka nga ba magpasundo ng hatinggabi (Aveti dreptul sa-i cereti sa va ridice de undeva cand este intr-adevar tarziu)? Vei fi intotdeauna nesigur cu privire la rolul tau in viata lui. scrambled porn Nu te poti astepta ca el sa fie mereu acolo. Iar daca te simti gelos pe celelalte fete, trebuie doar sa-l pastrezi singur. Ano ka ba niya para magselos (Ce esti tu pentru el ca sa fii gelos)?

Pangalawa (al doilea), ce se intampla daca te indragostesti profund de el? Nu poti fi sigur daca se simte la fel. Baka nag-a-assum ka ka na na mahal ka rin niya (S-ar putea sa presupunem ca si el te iubeste). Chiar daca mori sa-i spui ca il iubesti, nu poti. Pentru ca nu esti sigur daca ii va placea. stoner porn Baka mapahiya ka lang (pur si simplu s-ar putea sa va jeniti). Aceasta etapa va va face mereu sa va intrebati unde va aflati in relatie. Sau daca exista o relatie deloc.

Pangatlo (al treilea), ce se intampla daca va atasati prea mult? Ce se intampla daca ti-ai investit toate emotiile si acest barbat nu? Ce se intampla daca ramai credincios lui, fara sa-i distrezi pe ceilalti tipi, doar pentru a afla ca vede alte fete?

Isa pang (Un alt) dezavantaj ng (din) pseudo-relatii, este trecatoare. Cand un dezacord se declanseaza sau cand unul dintre voi devine rece, atunci acesta va fi sfarsitul. Spre deosebire de o relatie serioasa, hindi mo alam kung saan ka lulugar sa isang pseudo-relatie (nu stii unde sa te pui intr-o pseudo-relatie). skinny russian porn Wala kang pinanghahawakan (Nu aveti cu ce sa va retineti). Kasi sa (Pentru ca in) pseudo-relatie, nu exista „noi”. Meron lang (Exista doar) „tu si cu mine”, hindi (nu) „noi”.

Buti sana Kung Pseudo-Durere Dintr-o Limba Mareranasan mo (va fi bine daca veti simti doar pseudo-durere). Kaso, hindi eh (Dar chestia este ca nu este). Durere reala. paola skye porn Si, de obicei, kahit tapos na an pseudo-relation, hindi mo maiwasan umasang intr-o zi, poate karugtong pa rin iyun (chiar daca pseudo-relatia s-a terminat, nu va puteti abtine sa spera ca va avea o continuare intr-o zi). Si veti fi mizerabil, sperand sa readuceti ceea ce obisnuiati sa aveti, doar pentru a afla pana la urma ca tipul se afla intr-o alta pseudo-relatie cu altcineva.

Ang hirap, ano (E greu nu-i asa)? Ati fost de acord cu acest tip de amenajare pentru distractie si apoi veti ajunge sa va raniti in proces.

Pero puwede naman maiwasan ang durere eh (Dar puteti preveni intotdeauna sa simtiti durerea). Puwede naman na hindi mouna isipin at future (Nu ai cum sa nu te gandesti la viitor) si sa te bucuri doar de sentiment, fara sa te gandesti la consecinte.

Dar daca sunteti sigur ca veti face rau in acest proces, kailangan mo mamili (va trebui sa alegeti). skinny asian teen porn Puteti fi fericiti si traiti momentul fara sa va faceti griji despre ce s-ar intampla in continuare. Sau poti inceta sa te bazezi cu pseudo-relatii si sa astepti lucrul real.

Cand eram mai tanar si intr-o pseudo-relatie cu un tip indisponibil, un prieten mi-a spus: „Sige, kung ayaw mong magpapigil, bahala ka ka (Fii fericit). Pero huwag kang iiyak-iyak pagkatapos, dahil tatadyakan kita (Doar nu veni la mine plangand dupa aceea sau iti voi da fundul). ”

Ang line line naman, kung magpapasaya sa iyo, gawin mo (Linia de jos este daca te face fericit, atunci fa-o). Ihanda mo lang angareste o consecinta (doar pregateste-te pentru consecinte). Dahil ang „parang kayo pero hindi” etapa este bihirang nagiging totoo (Etapa „parang kayo pero hindi” duce rar la o relatie reala). De obicei, hanggang doon lang siya (acolo se termina) … aproape, dar nu chiar.