Sa speram ca tipii acestia au simtul umorului si nu ne vor lua in instanta

Joe – Uh, cum vei cobori la tarm?

Rod – Amuzant ar trebui sa intrebi, acum am o masina.

Joe – Vai, cum ai luat o masina?

Rod – O, parintii mei au condus-o aici din Bahamas.

Joe – Glumesti!

Rod – Trebuie sa fiu, Bahamas sunt insule.

Timpul muschilor!

– Hail to the victors! In the name of Bend It, Michigan delivered Diesel a birthday present and absolutely eviscerated Notre Dame, 47-21. And I think it was less close than the score indicated. drunk russian porn If I had better Internet access from home, in the spirit of the moment I was going to do a picture poll for what Notre Dame fucks: A) pigs, B) monkeys, C) donkeys, D) Terrance and Philip’s uncle. I really wish Diesel hadn’t told me that the Notre Dame fans were actually really nice to him and his friend since it makes them slightly tougher to hate. Trying to think once again about how they will fit this curb-stomping into their ontological conception. Maybe God did it because the Notre Dame fans were sinning. Perhaps with delusions of grandeur and an over-inflated sense of pride and self-worth? Wait, then they’d lose every game. tumblr amateur porn video It’s been a great weekend for Catch-22s.

– I’ve never heard this expression before last Friday, but I think it sums up the Redskins perfectly: Last night actually wasn’t as frustrating as Monday because I already knew they were a bitch team (TM Swingers) from Monday’s game. raven porn gif And I don’t mean that in no good way neither. (Occasionally, I’ll call the LA Kings „bitch team” as a term of endearment reference to the film). Looks like I was correct all along that they won’t be able to get past their quarterback issues. But I somehow blocked out that as decent as their defense has been the past couple years, they generally don’t hesitate to roll over when it counts. I think as a prank, someone replaced their version of the NFL rulebook with one that says rushing the passer is illegal. jailyne ojeda porn Perhaps the same for blocking people. And I have 2 words for Adam Archuleta: Stanley Richard.

– I think it says a lot about how out of the spotlight the San Francisco 49ers have been the past few years that it’s taken the Skins’ 2 national television appearances for the country to appreciate the name of cornerback Mike Rumph. Way to be latecomers to that train. That’s always been funny. momma porn Best comment so far, though I almost apologize for the graphic nature goes to Big Daddy Drew of the Deadspin offshoot Kissing Suzy Kolber: „I’ve decided that the word Rumph should be used as an interjection after successful anal intercourse. Sheila and I went back to my place and Rumph! Rumph! Rumph!”

– Only a few more weeks left. Time for the Bend It Official Major League Baseball Player Dan Uggla Watch! Stop! Uggla Time! A banner week for our hero as Dan Uggla went 11-28, bashing 3 home runs and contributing 5 RBIs to raise his average to .294 with 26 home runs and 89 RBIs. By the way, his 26 home runs set a record for a rookie second baseman. young mom porn That’s right. It’s Uggla, go Uggla, MC Uggla, yo Uggla, and the rest can go and play. Can’t touch this!

– Speaking of home runs, announcers need to stop saying that a player „poked” a home run. Dude, a home run is freaking far unless you’re ‘roided out. I can sort of see it if it’s meant to, pardon the expression, poke fun at an overly small ballpark, but in general it’s just cheesy. demon slayer nezuko porn

– On the other hand, I know I’ve mentioned this before, but the best baseball cliche ever has to be „uncorked a wild pitch.” You almost NEVER hear that a pitcher „threw” a wild pitch. I don’t know what baseball language contract give exclusivity of wild pitches to the verb „to uncork,” but I’m really glad it did. It’s so beyond dorky that it just gets funnier every single time. I can only imagine how funny it will be when I’m really old. jemma suicide porn I’ll probably die of a heart attack from laughing at it.

– I know I can’t talk about street cred because I generally like My Chemical Romance (although I’m saddened that their new song really sucks), who contributed a very well-titled song to our Season 2 Soundtrack (available Friday) and Panic at the Disco, both of whom are gigantic hipster music site punching bags. But I’ll have to say that Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz, who already comes across like a giant douche, isn’t doing himself any favors by dating Ashlee Simpson.

– Speaking of Ashlee Simpson, for whatever reason it keeps getting mentioned that she’s a size-zero. Which is a shame because when she „started out,” I thought part of her „appeal” was that she was kinda normal looking. stick figure porn Then again, that was also part of Nicole Richie’s „appeal.” I can’t decide how bad to feel for them as for the constant pressure about their bodies completely warping one’s sense of what’s attractive.

– Does anyone have any idea exactly what’s responsible for the „Black Betty” resurgence in the last couple years? I was at the Cubby Bear waiting for the Lloyd Dobler Effect to start and when they played that song, the metaphorical club started getting crunk. And occurrences such as these have been happening a lot. At least one NFL team, although I forget which one, plays it when they kick off. aida cortes porn Don’t get me wrong; I see this as a positive development musically, since I rather enjoy it. But this is an old-ass song. And I doubt it can really be attributed to the movie „Blow,” since I don’t know how many people have seen that. I haven’t and when I mentioned the film in a „BB” parody about The OCk last year, no one knew what the hell I was talking about.

– I also heard that Justin Timberlake song for the second time when I was there. gay twitter porn Surprisingly, I yet again didn’t hate it. Although I still find it hilarious in the same way that Gwen Stefani’s „Hollaback Girl” is so hilariously awkward that you have to listen to it.

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My biggest laughs come from whoever the chick is on the song saying, „Go ahead, big boy,” since Justin Timberlake’s kinda elfin. (A lot of musicians are, for whatever reason. 2 of the Lloyd Dobler Effect guys are under 5′ 8″). mom tricked porn Also, his dropping the word, „motherfuckers.”

– So braving the Cubby Bear, which despite the stories, doesn’t really have any more douchebags than any other place in the city, LDE put on a brief (45 mins) yet solid set. Almost all newer (in the past 2 years) songs, so only 2 old-school LDE songs, but the new stuff sounded really good. Especially their opening song, which I’d never heard before, but they said was called „Release Me.” Sadly, they didn’t play their famous cover of „Doin’ the Butt. micropenis porn ” (Only cover was „Land Down Under”). I know I’ve said this before, but the highlight is always how freaking nice these guys are. I last saw them in December of 2004, yet they were all like, „Hey, Tristan! What’s going on?” And after I asked about the new songs and how the album progress was going, Phil, the Matt Damon look-alike frontman, got his computer and burned myself and some other DC area transplants in attendance a CD of demos for their new album. Considering they encourage fans to tape shows and burn CDs, I’m tempted to get Footnotes to help me post them online, but I know they have an online download deal coming up with their new CD to get a bunch of extra unreleased tracks. I’ll ask them. twyla porn Sorry about the starfucker moments here, but I did have to decline their invite to grab some food after the show since I was going to meet Diesel to celebrate the Michigan game and his birthday, which was yesterday. I asked if they would be playing any home shows around Christmas when I’d be home and they said of course. NC? Anyway, as always, I encourage you to check out their site at, and I’m always happy to lend you my CDs. natalie flowers porn

– LDE opened for a hair-metal tribute band who were actually pretty good musicians. I only saw a few songs before having to leave, but their third song was „The Final Countdown.” I looked around and saw at least three other people in the crowd reach for the sky like GOB in Arrested Development. It was officially awesome.

– Speaking of birthdays, sounds like Choi had a great birthday as well. japanese fart porn She brought the Cubs some karma and appeared to have a great time at Feed the Beast. Speaking of FTB, it’s totally different than I’d expect. Given that its name, probably coincidentally, is the name as Izzie and Alex’s euphemism for sex on „Grey’s Anatomy,” I expected a total dive. But it’s actually really classy with lots of nice artwork and interesting architecture and everyone working there is super-nice. I didn’t get anything to eat, but have been told the food is pretty awesome. mind control porn captions Sadly, given his earlier than I expected flight on Sunday, we couldn’t get Diesel there for brunch and what would have been an immortal photo.

– Ma bucur sa ai 8 ani in spatele insulei. Chiar daca nu sunt sigur ce sa fac din faptul ca, aparent, el si cu mine suntem singurii 2 non-eunuci aici la Bend It saptamana trecuta. Oricum, fratele nostru (literalmente) site-ul este de rezerva si functioneaza pe http://8yearoldsdude.blogspot. mature bbc porn com.

– Din pacate, Bend Nu are buget de calatorie sau scutiri de munca, deoarece luni trecut a gazduit evenimentul perfect pentru o iesire Bend It. Copia evenimentului se va citi astfel: „A 9-a editie anuala„ Bad Pants ”Charity Golf Open va avea loc la Indian Lakes Resort, in suburbie Chicago, unde sute de jucatori din toata tara poarta pantalonii de golf cei mai scumpi, in timp ce strang bani pentru Asociatia distrofiei musculare. „Castigatorul” celor mai infricosati pantaloni va primi o geanta de golf si un set de fier de facut, cu amabilitatea Indian Lakes Resort „.Seriously, if only I’d had the day off and a digital camera that could have been the best post ever. black hardcore porn

– Evidently, Puff Daddy is not allowed to be called „Diddy” in England because a music producer had already laid claim to that moniker. Holy crap! What kind of world do we live in where people are suing each other over the rights to a relentlessly stupid name? I think the „winner” should have to produce some music for one of the 2 Canadian Football League franchises known as the „Rough Riders. kayleigh swenson porn ” Speaking of, 8yearoldsdude, do you know anything about if either of them plays „Ruff Ryders Anthem” at games? Because that would be officially awesome.

– Si in sfarsit, articolul meu preferat al saptamanii. In partea de jos a paginii, Iisus pe ciudatul Stephen Baldwin vorbeste despre dorinta de a-l converti pe Tom Cruise din Scientologie. (http://entertainment.msn. com/movies/hotgossip/09-14-06_2?). Vedeti acest citat: „Baldwin, care se descrie ca unul dintre„ rasa noua de crestini ”, care„ sunt gata sa dea cu piciorul in numele Regatului ”, apoi va rog,„ In mod serios, ne puteti pune impreuna ? Putem obtine un mic sushi impreuna? As dori sa-i dau un rulou picant al lui Isus. ” Nu am putut spune nimic aici care sa nu distruga acest lucru.

Iubeste-ma de doua ori copil. Iubeste-ma de doua ori azi. Iubeste-ma de doua ori copil. Pentru ca am SIDA.