Haggai 1 Comentariu – Comentariu critic si explicativ la intreaga Biblie



1. Al doilea an de la Darius – Istaspes, regele Medo-Persiei, al doilea imperiu al lumii, Babilonul fiind rasturnat de Cyrus persan. Evreii care nu au un rege al lor, datat de domnia regilor lumii carora le erau supusi. Darius era un nume comun al regilor persani, ca Faraon al celor din Egipt si Cezar al celor din Roma. Numele din inscriptiile cuneiforme de la Persepolis este scris Daryawus, de la radacina Darh, „a pastra”, conservatorul [LASSEN]. HERODOTUS [6. handgag porn 98] explica Coercer. De multe ori atributele opuse sunt atribuite aceluiasi zeu; in care lumina persii isi vedeau regele. Ezra 4:24 se armonizeaza cu Haggai pentru ca anul acesta sa fie data reluarii cladirii.

luna a sasea – din anul ebraic, nu a domniei lui Darius (compara Zaharia 1: 7, Zaharia 7: 1 Zaharia 7: 3, 8:19). Doua luni mai tarziu („luna a opta”, Zaharia 1: 1) Zaharia a inceput sa profeteasca, detasand pe Haggai.

Domnulebraica, IAHOVA: titlul de legamant al lui Dumnezeu, care implica neschimbarea Sa, garantia credinciosiei Sale in respectarea promisiunilor Lui fata de poporul Sau.

de Haggaiebraica, „in mana lui Haggai”; Dumnezeu fiind adevaratul vorbitor, profetul Sau, dar instrumentul (comparati Fapte 7:35, Galateni 3:19).

Zorobabel– S-a apelat si la Ses-Bazzar in Ezra 1: 8, Ezra 5:14 Ezra 5:16, unde aceeasi lucrare este atribuita lui Ses-bazar, care in Ezra 3: 8 este atribuita lui Zerubbabel. home porn bay Shesh-Bazzar este probabil numele sau caldean ; asa cum Belteshazzar era cel al lui Daniel. Zerubbabel, numele sau ebraic , inseamna „unul nascut in Babilon”.

fiul lui Shealtiel – sau Salathiel. Dar 1 Cronici 3:17 1 Cronici 3:19 il face pe Pedaia tatal sau. Probabil ca a fost adoptat de unchiul sau Salathiel sau Shealtiel, la moartea tatalui sau (comparati Matei 1:12, Luca 3:27).

guvernator al Iudei – in functia pe care Cyrus la numit. Ebraica Pechah este inrudita cu originalul modern turc Pasha;una care conduce o regiune a imperiului persan cu o mai mica amploare decat cea sub un satrap.

Iosua – a numit Iesua (Ezra 2: 2); deci fiul lui Nun in Neemia 8:17. tiny twink porn

Josedech – sau Jehozadak (1 Cronici 6:15), unul dintre cei transportati captivi de Nebucadnetar. Haggai se adreseaza reprezentantilor civili si religiosi ai poporului, pentru a-i avea ca asociati ai sai sa dea poruncile lui Dumnezeu; astfel, preotul, profetul si conducatorul marturisesc impreuna in numele lui Dumnezeu.

2. Domnul ostirilor – Iehova, Domnul puterilor cerului si al pamantului si, prin urmare, necesita ascultare implicita.

Acest popor – „ Acest popor ” lent si egoist. El nu spune, poporul Meu , deoarece au neglijat serviciul lui Dumnezeu.

Timpul–the proper time for building the temple. Two out of the seventy predicted years of captivity (dating from the destruction of the temple, 558 B. loli 3d porn C., 2 Kings 25:9 ) were yet unexpired; this they make their plea for delay [HENDERSON]. The seventy years of captivity were completed long ago in the first year of Cyrus, 536 B.C. ( Jeremiah 29:10 ); dating from 606 B.C., Jehoiakim’s captivity ( 2 Chronicles 36:6 ). The seventy years to the completion of the temple ( Jeremiah 25:12 ) were completed this very year, the second of Darius [VATABLUS]. elizabeth rabbit porn Ingenious in excuses, they pretended that the interruption in the work caused by their enemies proved it was not yet the proper time; whereas their real motive was selfish dislike of the trouble, expense, and danger from enemies. „God,” say they, „hath interposed many difficulties to punish our rash haste” [CALVIN]. Smerdis’ interdict was no longer in force, now that Darius the rightful king was on the throne; therefore they had no real excuse for not beginning at once to build. AUBERLEN denies that by „Artaxerxes” in Ezra 4:7-22 is meant Smerdis. Whether Smerdis or Artaxerxes Longimanus be meant, the interdict referred only to the rebuilding of the city, which the Persian kings feared might, if rebuilt, cause them trouble to subdue; not to the rebuilding of the temple. But the Jews were easily turned aside from the work. Spiritually, like the Jews, men do not say they will never be religious, but, It is not time yet. So the great work of life is left undone. porn penis selfie

4. Is it time–It is not time ( Haggai 1:2 ), ye say, to build Jehovah’s house; yet how is it that ye make it a fit time not only to build, but to „dwell” at ease in your own houses?

you, O ye–rather, for „you, you”; the repetition marking the shameful contrast between their concern for themselves, and their unconcern for God [MAURER]. Compare a similar repetition in 1 Samuel 25:24 , Zechariah 7:5 .

ceiled–rather, „wainscoted,” or „paneled,” referring to the walls as well as the ceilings; furnished not only with comfort but luxury, in sad contrast to God’s house not merely unadorned, but the very walls not raised above the foundations. How different David’s feelings ( 2 Samuel 7:2 )!

5. Consider your ways–literally, „Set your heart” on your ways. The plural implies, Consider both what ye have done (actively, Lamentations 3:40 ) and what ye have suffered (passively) [JEROME]. Ponder earnestly whether ye have gained by seeking self at the sacrifice of God. forced porn reddit

6. Nothing has prospered with you while you neglected your duty to God. The punishment corresponds to the sin. They thought to escape poverty by not building, but keeping their money to themselves; God brought it on them for not building ( Proverbs 13:7 , 11:24 , Matthew 6:33 ). Instead of cheating God, they had been only cheating themselves.

ye clothe . . . m2f porn but . . . none warm–through insufficiency of clothing; as ye are unable through poverty from failure of your crops to purchase sufficient clothing. The verbs are infinitive, implying a continued state: „Ye have sown, and been bringing in but little; ye have been eating, but not to being satisfied; ye have been drinking, but not to being filled; ye have been putting on clothes, but not to being warmed” [MOORE]. Careful consideration of God’s dealings with us will indicate God’s will regarding us. The events of life are the hieroglyphics in which God records His feelings towards us, the key to which is found in the Bible [MOORE].

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 . . put . . . into a bag with holes
–proverbial for labor and money spent profitlessly ( Zechariah 8:10 ; compare Isaiah 55:2 , Jeremiah 2:13 ). Contrast, spiritually, the „bags that wax not old, the treasure in heaven that faileth not” ( Luke 12:33 ). Through the high cost of necessaries, those who wrought for a day’s wages parted with them at once, as if they had put them into a bag with holes. girls do porn pics

8. Go up to the mountain–Moriah [ROSENMULLER]; Lebanon [HENDERSON]. Rather, generally, the mountains around, now covered with wood, the growth of the long period of the captivity. So Nehemiah 8:15 , „Go forth unto the mount,” that is, the neighboring hills [MAURER].

wood–Haggai specifies this as being the first necessary; not to the exclusion of other materials. Stones also were doubtless needed. That the old walls were not standing, as the Hebrew interpreters quoted by JEROME state, or the new walls partly built, appears from Haggai 2:18 , where express mention is made of laying the foundations.

I will take pleasure in it, and I will be glorified–I will be propitious to suppliants in it ( 1 Kings 8:30 ), and shall receive the honor due to Me which has been withheld. married with children porn In neglecting the temple, which is the mirror of My presence, ye dishonor Me [CALVIN]; in its being built, ye shall glorify Me.

9. Ye looked for much–literally „looked” so as to turn your eyes „to much.” The Hebrew infinitive here expresses continued looking. Ye hoped to have your store made „much” by neglecting the temple. The greater was your greediness, the more bitter your disappointment in being poorer than ever.

when ye brought it home, I did blow upon it–even the little crop brought into your barns I dissipated. „I did blow upon,” that is, I scattered and caused to perish with My mere breath, as scattered and blighted corn. amari gold porn

mine house . . . his own house–in emphatic antithesis.

ye run–expressing the keenness of everyone of them in pursuing their own selfish interests. Compare „run,” Psalms 119:32 , Proverbs 1:16 , contrasted with their apathy about God’s house.

10. heaven . tori montana porn  . . is stayed from dew–literally „stays itself.” Thus heaven or the sky is personified; implying that inanimate nature obeys Jehovah’s will; and, shocked at His people’s disobedience, withholds its goods from them (compare Jeremiah 2:12 Jeremiah 2:13 ).

11. I called–what the „heaven” and „earth,” the second causes, were said to do ( Haggai 1:10 ), being the visible instruments, Jehovah, in this verse, the invisible first cause, declares to be His doing. He „calls for” famine, &c., as instruments of His wrath ( 2 Kings 8:1 , Psalms 105:16 ). chinese dress porn The contrast is striking between the prompt obedience of these material agencies, and the slothful disobedience of living men, His people.

droughtHebrew, Choreb, like in sound to Chareeb, „waste” ( Haggai 1:4 Haggai 1:9 ), said of God’s house; implying the correspondence between the sin and its punishment. Ye have let My house be waste, and I will send on all that is yours a wasting drought. This would affect not merely the „corn,” &c., but also „men” and „cattle,” who must perish in the absence of the „corn,” &c., lost by the drought.

labour of the hands–all the fruits of lands, gardens, and vineyards, obtained by labor of the hands ( Deuteronomy 28:33 , Psalms 78:46 ).

12. venera dare porn remnant of the people–all those who have returned from the exile ( Zechariah 8:6 ).

as . . . God sent him–according to all that Jehovah had enjoined him to speak. But as it is not till Haggai 1:14 after Haggai’s second message ( Haggai 1:13 ) that the people actually obeyed, MAURER translates here, „hearkened to the voice of the Lord,” and instead of „as,” „because the Lord had sent him.” However, English Version rightly represents their purpose of obedience as obedience in God’s eyes already, though not carried into effect till Haggai 1:14 .

13. seth strong porn the Lord’s messenger–so the priests ( Malachi 2:7 ) are called (compare Galatians 4:14 , 2 Peter 1:21 ).

in the Lord’s message–by the Lord’s authority and commission: on the Lord’s embassage.

I am with you–( Matthew 28:20 ). On the people showing the mere disposition to obey, even before they actually set to work, God passes at once from the reproving tone to that of tenderness. He hastens as it were to forget their former unfaithfulness, and to assure them, when obedient, that He both is and will be with them: Hebrew, „I with you!” God’s presence is the best of blessings, for it includes all others. This is the sure guarantee of their success no matter how many their foes might be ( Romans 8:31 ). Nothing more inspirits men and rouses them from torpor, than, when relying on the promises of divine aid, they have a sure hope of a successful issue [CALVIN].

14. frot porn Lord stirred up the spirit of, &c.–God gave them alacrity and perseverance in the good work, though slothful in themselves. Every good impulse and revival of religion is the direct work of God by His Spirit.

came and did work–collected the wood and stones and other materials (compare Haggai 1:8 ) for the work. Not actually built or „laid the (secondary) foundations” of the temple, for this was not done till three months after, namely, the twenty-fourth day of the ninth month ( Haggai 2:18 ) [GROTIUS].

15. four and twentieth day–twenty-three days after the first message of Haggai ( Haggai 1:1 ).