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Carolyn se inrosi.

„Cum il cheama?”

„Carson. Este un pic sigur de el insusi, dar probabil pentru ca este atat de bine.”

– A cerut sa ne revedem?

In cele din urma a intalnit privirea mamei sale. „Da. Dar am fugit dupa …”

Ochii caprui ai mamei ei s-au ascutit. „A incercat ceva cu tine?”

„Nu. Eram afara doar vorbind -„ vei merge in iad pentru minti ”, si cineva a strigat sa-i atraga atentia. Atunci am aflat ca numele sau este McKay. candy ken porn


Carolyn se uita in jos, in timp ce urmarea capetele infasurate ale verigilor de fire, tinand ochelari si matlasa din satin.

Aerul parea sa se intinda atat de subtire incat a avut greu sa respire. In cele din urma, a suflat: „Dar nu va faceti griji. Voi ramane departe de el”.

„El stie…?”

„Ca tatal meu este Ilie Vest? Da.”

„Cum au stat lucrurile intre voi inainte de a va afla numele reciproc?”

Ea zambi, amintind de indrazneala barbatului. „Carson mi-a spus ca se va casatori cu mine.”

Mama ei ridica ambele sprancene. fucklicking porn – Vrei sa spui ca a cerut sa se casatoreasca cu tine?

„Nu. El a spus ca sunt cea mai frumoasa femeie pe care a vazut-o vreodata si ca trebuie sa omit toate lucrurile de intalnire si sa ne casatorim.” Banuia ca a glumit doar pe jumatate. Desi Carson parea gata sa candideze cand i-a spus ca avea optsprezece ani. Dar acel sarut, acel sarut glorios se razgandise.

A schimbat totul.

Sarutase cativa baieti de-a lungul anilor. Chiar daca ar fi facut-o cu o suta de baieti, nimic n-ar fi putut-o pregati pentru sarutarea unui barbat precum Carson McKay. Nimic. Carson era caldura si pa.sion. Cand isi apasase corpul dur impotriva lui? In cele din urma, a inteles afirmatia lui Beverly cu privire la necesitatea depasirii ratiunii. fugget about it porn


Capul lui Carolyn se ridica vinovat. „Imi pare rau. Stiu …”

„Cred ca ai vrea sa-l cunosti mai bine.”

„Nu pot.”


Socata, balbai, „B-but-”

„Orice este intre tatal tau si tatal lui Carson este problema lor. Nu a ta. Nu a lui Carson. mickey mouse porn Esti adult. Ai voie sa iei propriile decizii. Daca vrei sa petreci timp cu Carson? Aceasta este afacerea ta.”

– Si ce se intampla cand tatal afla? S-ar putea sa ma dea afara.

„Nu voi lasa sa se intample asta. Promit.”

Mama ei nu se ridicase niciodata in fata tatalui ei. Daca Carolyn ar urmari ceva cu Carson McKay, ea ar fi pe cont propriu, fara sprijin.

Parca ar fi ceva nou.

Carolyn reusi un zambet fals. „Am gasit cateva modele la care as dori parerea ta.”

„Haine pentru tine?”

„Da. bro porn

„Haine noi pe care le poti purta cu datele lui Carson McKay?” intreba mama cu un zambet viclean.

„Mama. Renunta.”

„Niciodata. Acum arata-mi cu ce lucrezi.”

Sambata dupa-amiaza sambata, Marshall, Stuart si Thomas, cei trei frati ai lui Carolyn, care inca locuiau acasa, au intrat in bucatarie.

– Imi place cand vara esti acasa, spuse Thomas, adulmecand aerul. „Primim mese decente pentru o schimbare”.

Marshall si Stuart l-au lovit in brat.

„Ouch! Spun doar adevarul.”

„Adevarul este ca nu poti gati merita, Thomas, asa ca este mai rau pentru noi cand e noaptea ta sa gatesti”. Marshall ridica capacul de pe oala de pe aragaz. kelly kitty porn „Carnati si varza miroase bine, sis.”

„Sa terminat. Spalati-va si vom manca.”

Stuart se aseza langa el. „Mama a mancat inca?”

„Ii era foame mai devreme, asa ca am stat cu ea in timp ce manca. Se odihneste.”

El ii stranse umerii. „Multumiri.”

„Vine vreodata la masa?”

„Nu. Mananca in camera ei sau nu mananca. Aceasta este alegerea ei, nu a noastra.”

Marshall a smuls doua felii de paine de pe scandura de taiat. keez free porn „Ma, mai ales, nu mananca atunci cand Thomas gateste”.

„V-am spus baieti ca as prefera sa fiu la serviciu in fiecare seara. Dar acesta este un alt bonus pentru a avea sora noastra acasa. Ea gateste si curata.”

Niciunul dintre ei nu a contestat declaratia lui Thomas. Oricat i-a iubit pe fratii ei, in clipa in care ar fi pasit piciorul in casa, si-ar fi abandonat indatoririle obisnuite si va deveni bucatar, curatator, gradinar, spalator si ingrijitor de parinti.

Carolyn si-a luat locul obisnuit la masa si s-a uitat la fiecare dintre fratii ei pana cand si-au asezat ustensilele si si-au plecat capul in rugaciune. „Multumesc, Doamne, pentru bonul pe care ni l-ai acordat. Amin.”

Dupa ce s-au incrucisat si un cor de amene, au sapat inauntru.

She dished herself a plate. „Where is Dad, anyway?”

„At Harland’s. homemade granny porn

Their oldest brother and his wife Sonia lived on the small parcel of land that used to be the West Ranch. Since her father had no interest in ranching-he’d worked in the coal mine in Gillette her entire life-he’d pa.s.sed the land on to his oldest son as soon as Harland was of age.

Supper was a fairly silent affair as her brothers were too busy stuffing their faces to bother with conversation.

Thomas pushed his plate away first. „Good meal, sis.”

„You’re welcome.”

He grinned and said, „Thanks. So, got any plans for tonight?”

„Nothing after doing the dishes. Why?”

„There’s a ballgame in Hulett. I’m meeting my buddy Randy there and then we talked about hitting Dusty’s afterward. johnny dark porn Guess there’s a decent band tonight.”

„Randy…is he your short friend with the big mouth?”

Thomas snorted.

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„That’s Andy. Randy went to college on a partial baseball scholarship. He’s home for the summer. He’d really like to meet you.”

Since she’d lived in Montana the last six school years, she’d only stayed in contact with Beverly and she didn’t know Thomas’s friends. „I’ll go as long as you promise you won’t ditch me.”

„I almost wish I was goin’ along tonight,” Marshall said. brooke_synn porn „But I’ll probably be heading to work about the time you two roll in.”

„Sneak in,” Stuart corrected. „Even when Dad will be pretty drunk after bein’ with Harland, you don’t want him to know what time you got home.”

„Not a problem for me since I’m sleeping in the sun porch. I can climb through the window,” Carolyn said. Sleeping in the sun porch didn’t bother her. The small s.p.a.ce had been tacked on the back of the house as an afterthought, and the poor insulation meant the room stayed cool at night.

„How long will it take you to get ready?” Thomas asked.

Her gaze swept the plates and pots and pans. connor halsted porn „Half an hour to do the dishes and fifteen minutes to change.”

„Leave the dishes tonight. I’ll help you do them in the morning.”

Carolyn snapped him with a dishtowel. „Now I know you’re meeting a girl if you make that promise to get me moving.”

Thomas blushed. „Just go get ready.”

She styled her hair in long blonde waves. She slipped on a sleeveless plain white b.u.t.ton-up blouse and added a snug-fitting baby blue cardigan. viera porn Feeling daring, she tugged on the pair of blue jeans her friend Cathy had given her. Cathy’s wealthy grandparents lived in Chicago and owned a clothing company so Cathy had scads of fashionable clothing that she loved to share.

A quick brush of powder, thick black eyeliner and a couple of of mascara made her eyes look more dramatic. She finished off with a coat of red lipstick.

She tucked her money, lipstick and ID in her back pocket-how wonderful was it not to have to carry a purse?-before she slipped on her heels.

Thomas leaned against the Pontiac he’d inherited from Darren. His eyes went wide. „Jesus Christ, Carolyn, what the h.e.l. nicole sherzinger porn l are you wearing?”

„Language,” she snapped. Her brothers cursed like sailors. It drove her crazy.

„You can’t wear pants. People will think you’re a guy.”

Carolyn tossed her hair and stuck out her chest. „Really? I look like a man? This Randy you’re introducing me to is into guys?”

„Jes-jeez, that’s disgusting and beside the point. Now go change.”

„No. This is perfectly acceptable, completely fashionable attire to wear to a ballgame. And besides, I wore clothing like this all the time in Montana,” she lied.

„Right. andrea rosu porn I can’t see the nuns or the priests being onboard letting you prance around in that get-up, let alone Aunt Hulda.” He shook his finger at her. „You get any shi-c.r.a.p about that outfit? Don’t come crying to me, wanting to go home. You’re stuck.” He climbed in the car and slammed the door.

As soon as they hit the paved road, Carolyn cranked up the radio. She was switching back and forth between the county station and the rock and roll station, singing along, when Thomas reached over and turned the music down.

„If you didn’t like my singing you should’ve said so.”

Thomas shook his head. ryan renolds porn „You were born with an angel’s voice, sis. I turned it off because I need to talk to you about something.”

„Okay.” She had a warning flutter in her belly because Thomas was never serious.

„You’ve been back here for three weeks. Mom and Dad expect you to stay the summer but have you given any thought as to what you might do come September?”

She picked at the tiny b.a.l.l.s of fuzz on her sweater and dropped them in the ashtray. „No. I mean yes, I’ve thought about it but I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. rose quartz porn Mom needs someone to take care of her; she has for years, so I’ll probably-„

„No, Carolyn. I know you want to help, but you didn’t go away to school just to come back here and become Mom’s sole caretaker after you graduated.”

She turned sideways in her seat and gaped at him. Then why did he-and her brothers-expect her to do everything for their mother? „But-„

„I’ve decided to go to college,” Thomas blurted out. „I want a job where I don’t have dirt on my collar and under my fingernails every d.a.m.n day. So I’m moving to Denver with Randy at the end of the summer.”

„How will you afford that?”

„I’ve been saving money since I scored that first job at Woolworth’s. You still considering taking up your friend’s offer to move to Chicago?”

She shouldn’t have mentioned that to her nosy brother. Now he’d nag her even more. porn hub gif „I’m not sure if Cathy was serious or just being nice. And I don’t know that I’m cut out for life in the big city.”

„Do me a favor-don’t tell Cathy no just yet. By the end of the summer you’ll probably be more than ready to get out of Wyoming.”

„Is that why you’re leaving here?”

Thomas didn’t speak until he’d parked in the lot behind the ball field. Even then he stared straight ahead instead of meeting her gaze. „There’s no place for me here. Harland is trying to run a ranch. Darren is helping his father-in-law in his sheep business. Marshall has a great job with the railroad. Stuart is happy as a carpenter. I only took the job at the coal mine after I graduated from high school because I didn’t have other options. prego porn Now I do.”

As much as she hated the thought of Thomas not being around every day to annoy her, she understood his need to set himself apart. „Have you said anything to anyone about your plans?”

He shook his head. „Not until I get the final application approval paperwork from the college.”

„Well…I can probably keep that information to myself, but it’ll cost you.”

Thomas’s soft gaze sharpened. „Cost me what?”